Pete touched Wilmer on the shoulder.

You could hear the desperation in Elliot's voice.

It's public knowledge.

What are you working on?

Rayan isn't tall.

Hohn tried to control his temper.

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Lin told us a funny story.

The news that she got divorced was a big surprise.

They charged us more than we expected.

When we are young, we wander on a path, a path of exploration, a path of ebullience, a path of happiness, a path on which we believe that everything is so magical and that all will go our way; however, when we egress from our rainbow-colored shells, we realize this is only a fabrication of reality.

He died as he was returning to England.

Harold has a high threshold for pain.

Pan is a monkey that can spread butter on bread.

Donne is only five, but he already knows how to read.

She's almost the same height as you.

Marlena can't do that right now. He's really busy.

We need to find an antidote.

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The change room over there is vacant.


He acted well in Hamlet.


Jim is crazy about his girlfriend.

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We lost the game by three points.


I really want you to hug me.


Cats are nocturnal creatures.

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Suddenly, my feet stopped.


Is that clearly understood?


I don't want to make you angry.


It was nice and cool there.

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Margot bought some condoms.

We were outnumbered.

Let's check why your answers are different than mine.

I didn't want to believe it myself.

People are judged by their skin colour.

I paid Tor thirty dollars to help me.

She admired him.


I'm alone here.

I will have been to the States three times if I go there again.

I thought Jess was Marnix's boyfriend.

Liza didn't really want to leave the party early, but something came up.

Luis is such a nice boy!

We sang songs in chorus.

The label is attached to the trunk.

Piet felt guilty about the way he'd treated Alex.

Would you mind if I went out with your sister?

Please get there as soon as you can.

Debbie isn't likely to agree with Erik's suggestion.


Tell me what you're arguing about.

They did not regard the warning.

I have no money to buy the dictionary.


Trust me on this one, Vincent.

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Frances doesn't have to do it here.

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Between ourselves, he keeps a mistress.

I saw him jump.

I don't have anything to read.


She cut in when we were talking.


They wanted proof.

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Carol found a chair and sat down.

Your help is vital to the success of our plan.

I had difficulties interpreting the question.

I can't recall who said that.

Ruth wants to see you immediately, sir.


You've been luckier than me.

Tell Bernie what Susan did to you.

Are you done with that magazine?

I'll be the one helping them, not you.

We have to leave you.


Please put this book on the very top.

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Thanks for volunteering.


He has a long nose.

He knows how to pluck a chicken.

Thank you, Goddess, mother of the earth, for calling me again into the world.


There must be another way we can help Those.

Case talked Bobby into buying a new computer.

Amigo bent over to pick up a coin that was on the floor.


Aimee likes attention.

We failed to persuade him.

My mother took me to the park.


I need a little help from you.

Let's ask Louiqa to do something else.

Please place your coat on the chair.

They could be listening.

The essay itself isn't a problem, but it is all this pernicious questions and glossary that makes me awfully mad!

I'm not freezing your food.

I'm walking with her.

I bought two bags of popcorn.

I wish I hadn't believed Eric.


I've been looking for them for more than one hour.


Scot doesn't work as hard as he used to.

The blind men walked slowly.

An emptiness devours my heart.

I tried not to stare.

He hides himself.

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Penny didn't even notice me.

This is a story full of intrigue, love, betrayal and secrets.

He is a brave lad.


Do you think you might be interested?

Don't hesitate.

His driving skill is very amateur.


Judith has achieved so much.

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Fixed prices in Japan are abnormally raised.

Did you speak with your wife?

I don't know the name of the birds that were singing such a merry song.

Take a look at that woman!

I paid for Gerard's ticket.


It's time for a change.

Joni drank heavily in his youth, but is now a teetotaller.

Linley is watching 'Touched by an Angel'.


It scares me to death.

That is a fish.

Husbands and wives should help each other as long as they live.


Elwood is going through a difficult time.

I have a job for you.

Hohn tried on the coat, but it was too small.

Let me know when you get that report back from Bonnie.

When would you like to have your coffee?


You were the one behind this.


You are the master of your own destiny.

Wilmer introduced Jeanette to his friends.

He was absent from school today, as he often is.


I was appointed chairman.

I am going in the same direction. Come with me. I will take you there.

Marco came up with a better idea.

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Show me the way.

My father always discusses his problems with my mother.

I want to change my reservation.


By giving us the opinions of the uneducated, journalism keeps us in touch with the ignorance of the community.

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Don't talk ... as if you know what it's like...

Both of you are right.

I'd like to visit you next week. What day of the week would it be convenient for you?


We apologize.

She has a rude manner.

It's your reputation that's on the line.

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Bertrand doesn't care, does he?

I didn't realize you knew him.

Hey, where do you think you're going?


The Durrani Empire defeated the Marathas at the Third Battle of Panipat.


What's this city's population, approximately?

The proud Trojan city was taken at last.

Has Bryan told Urs who his grandfather is?


She's doing her best.

Daniel offered me a cup of coffee.

What's the name of that fat girl you used to date in high school?

I'll show you the way out.

I've just arrived at the airport.

Owls are supposed to be very wise.

Srivatsan wanted to become a Canadian citizen.

I can't promise that.

The empire fell as a result of the expansionist tendencies of its neighbors.

I want you to be the next Soseki.

They never did what they said they would do.

It's the front gate.

"That's cheaper than a new hat," Susan answers.

I am ready to do anything that I can for you, because I owe you a great deal.

We have a stressful day ahead of us.